Top 4 Online Slot Games of 2014

4. Lord of the Rings Slots

Why this wasn’t named ‘Lord of the Slots’ I’ll never know, but with 5 reels and 243 pay lines you don’t need to be a big Tolkien fan to enjoy all the free spin bonuses middle earth has to offer.

3. Beach life

While it might not be the most aesthetically pleasing, with an average jackpot payout over 2 million dollars you can see why it’s once of the most visited slot sites. FYI, the record win currently stands at over 4 million USD!

2. Desert Treasure

If you dream of finding treasure in the ancient Egyptian ruins then Desert Treasure is the slot for you. Dodge scorpions, crush beetles and line up snakes for the jackpot.

For a quick tip to increase your winnings, hit the Hidden Oasis for a bonus feature.

1. Zeus III

At the top of our charts, climb atop Mount Olympus to weild the power of Zeus, Father of Gods and men, this greek inspired slot goes above and beyond expectations. After the original Zeus, and Zeus II, the third in the series improves both the brilliant visual design and the engaging game-play, seeing that you’re glued to the screen as the wins roll in.